Dai Kuron
Some attributes
First Family:

Ran Kuron (Father)

Idaine Kuron (Mother)

Maiya Kuron (Little Sister)

Second Affiliations:


Third Alive
Other attributes
Fourth Crush on:

Nere Hanson

Appearance Edit

Dai Kuron has dark hair that is held back in braids, which he cut off in The Neptune Promise. Dai has dark eyes, similar to his father’s, and pale skin. He is lean, and built like a swimmer. Nere describes him as enigmatic and handsome.

Dai wears a dark sea suit nearly the whole time. Dai wears a belt similar to Nere Hanson's, and contains a quiver that has not only the standard darts, but explosive ones as well.

Personality Edit

Dai is generally closed off. The only one he openly expresses emotions toward is Nere. This can clearly be seen when he tells her that he is competing against Tobin for her favor, unbeknownst to herself, since Nere is really dense. I don't see what Dai sees in her. That's an opinion though. Some people really like her personality. Dai and Nere become a couple but when Nere lies to him to keep him happy he has to make a tough decision- breaking up with Nere or staying in her beautiful arms?

Dai is horrified when he finds out he could have harmed Nere. Dai forgot his strength for a little while, and unintentionally held Nere too tightly while they kissed, causing her to confess how he's hurting her. Dai is clearly conflicted, and becomes more distant. Wasp's gang forces him to leave Nere. Even though he became distant , Dai still risked injury to protect Nere from Wasp and keep her away from his father.

History Edit

Very little is known about Dai. The small portion of information is usually about his family. Dai's mother mysteriously died in a nonexistent storm. His sister was accidentally killed by Wasp, the girl with sea wasp spliced into her genes. His father couldn't administer the medicine in time and Dai's sister died. Originally , Dai blamed Wasp for his sister's death.

Dai spent most of his time traveling with his father on boats. On his tenth birthday, he finally went through with the 'transformation'. His DNA was not spliced with fish genes, but rather, shark genes, Dai predicted that his father was eager to see if it worked, so he completed it earlier than originally intended. Dai practically grew up with Wasp and other mutants spliced with odd gene combinations. He was always very clever and his father allowed him to work on many work assignments and projects. In the beginning , Dai was sent to spy on the Neptune Project kids and report back. But he developed feelings for Nere and gave up . His companion , Ton a giant dolphin , is clearly special to Dai , because Dai asks Nere to teach him English.

Dai is reluctant to speak of his past to anyone, including Nere Hanson, which hurts her. His sister gave him a coral ring that he keeps on a black cord around his neck. When Nere asks him about it he answers truthfully. Pain can easily be detected. This is one of many situations in which it was indicated that Dai has gone through to much pain for someone as young as himself.