Mariah is not only the eldest dolphin in her pod, but the leader as well. Mariah plays an important role as the friend of Nere.

Pod Edit

Mariah's pod consists of Densil, Kona, Pani, Mali, Nika, Ricca, Sokya, Hali, Mona,Laki and Tisi. There are quite a few humans whom she considers to be a part of her pod. Those humans are Nere, Tobin, Bria, Robry, Lena,Thom, Kalli, Ree, Penn, and previously Kyel and Gillian Hanson. It is not clear if Dai and Ton are what she considers her family, due to the size of Ton, which intimidates a few of the aforementioned dolphins.

Relationships Edit

Pod- Mariah's pod is her family. All of the members of the dolphin species in her pod are related to her by blood. The humans were introduced to her by Nere Hanson, Robry Cruz, and Lena McFadden.

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